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Wednesday 8th Feb 2023

The Covid crisis and the resulting loss of rehearsal time, performances and subsequent problems nearly brought us down. Still, we managed to survive, rebuild and give our first full-scale concert since the crisis at Watford School of Music on the 8th. February 2023 to a large and highly appreciative audience.

Concert Programme 8th Feb. 2023

Sunday 12th June 2022

On Sunday 12th. June 2022 we performed as an octet (due to limited space) in the Bushey Jubilee Acoustic Festival. 

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 7:30 pm
 CONCERT (Admission Free)
Watford School of Music
70 Rickmansworth Road, Watford,  WD18 7JA
The concert is being recorded
Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 7:30 pm
 CONCERT (Admission Free)
Watford School of Music
70 Rickmansworth Road, Watford,  WD18 7JA
November 2016
A concert at Watford School of Music
July 2017
A charity performance for The Friends of Little Cassiobury
July 2015
A charity performance for The Friends of Little Cassiobury
October 2016
A performance at Watford Colosseum
March 2015
A concert at Watford School of Music, which was recorded
June 2015
performance at “Watford Live”
May 2014
A concert at Watford School of Music
July 2014
A charity concert for The Friends of Little Cassiobury
June 2013
A performance at Watford Area Arts Forum A.G.M.
May 2014

The Guitar Project performed a free concert on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 at Watford School of Music, The Clarendon Muse, 70 Rickmansworth Road, Watford WD18 7JA.

We also played at a fundraiser garden party for The Friends of Little Cassiobury on Sunday, 6th July 2014 at Cheslyn Gardens, Nascot Wood Road, Watford.
November 2012
A charity performance for The Royal British Legion, Sarratt.
May 2013
A concert at Watford School of Music.
March 2012
A concert at Watford School of Music.
October 2012
A concert at Watford School of Music.
July 2010
A performance at the Watford Live Festival.
March 2011
A concert at Watford School of Music.
May 2009
A performance at St. Johns Church, Lemsford.
November 2009
A concert at Watford School of Music.
June 2005
St Marks Church, Colney Heath. A glorious setting in this Hertfordshire village church with very strong musical connections of its own, excellent acoustics and a friendly, enthusiastic audience. For the first time in public, we performed Tom Parson’s arrangement of Debussy’s Claire de Lune, a particularly challenging but rewarding piece to play as an ensemble.
June 2009
An open air performance at the Watford Live Festival.
Christmas 2004
Watford Arts Forum performance. The orchestra served a selection of seasonal music at a gathering of the Watford Arts Forum.
May 2005
First performance – for the Hertford Music Festival – at the Marquee. This time using professional mic’ing and mixing, everyone commented on the great richness and dynamics produced, demonstrating our uniquely powerful sound qualities so well.
May 2004
Private wedding entertainment at Aldenham House in summer 2004. We provided a musical backdrop for an exhibition of art in Watford.
Summer 2004
A performance at the Watford Rainbow Festival.
July 2003
An all fresco performance at a private garden party at “Poplars” in Ruislip, Middlesex, in perfect summer conditions.
May 2004
We were invited to play again at the Hertford Music Festival. In an expanded, renewed repertoire, we played new arrangements including Mussorgsky’s Great Gate, Beethoven’s Symphony no.7 op.92, Mozart’s Lacrimosa K626, Faure’s Sicilienne and a work by a British wunderkind Ronald Binge.
May 2003
An appreciative audience heard us perform for the Hertford Music Festival at All Saints Church, Hertford – with its prominent music affiliations – in May. This large church which dominates Hertford’s central skyline is a truly inspiring setting with excellent sound qualities which suited our repertoire perfectly.
June 2003
We provided the musical entertainment at a charity luncheon party in aid of the Royal National Institute for the blind and victim support. This event took place in Ampthill, near Bedford in June and we performed four new pieces exclusively arranged for us, including Gabriel Faure’s “Pavane”.

HGO trip to Mainz – 21st October 2005

We visited this superb City over the weekend 21st to 24th October through the town twinning scheme and played two concerts, including one at the City’s Peter Cornelius Music Conservatory. We were fortunate to have had such carefully made arrangements made for our visit – the achievement of Angela Neumann and Peter Fletcher, respectively the Mainz and Watford twinning officers.

Our trip began with the opportunity created by the town twinning scheme and the ideas of Tom Parsons, our Director and Michael Koch, the responsible guitar teacher at the Peter Cornelius Konservatorium (PCK).
We started our visit with some sightseeing, visiting some of the City’s many attractions.

We visited the cathedral and by chance met the organist, Albert Schoenberger who despite having completed his duties and about to take a deserved break, generously spent some time talking to us about working with the choir, the magnificent organ and managing delay times of between six and eleven seconds as the sound echoes around the vast building. He even gave us a demonstration including the splendid, and very rare, mechanically deployed horizontal trumpets.

Following the visit to the cathedral and sightseeing around Mainz, a civic reception was held at the Town Hall followed with a welcome speech, presentations, ‘photos and drinks and on to a splendid lunch. Over a 12 month period or so, emails flew, questions asked and answered, difficulties overcome, arrangements made and suddenly (it seemed) it was the evening of Friday 21st of October and we were landing at Frankfurt Airport to start our trip.

Saturday’s concert was at a large, church-run home in the outskirts of Mainz which had been thrown open to the public. We played to a large, warm and very receptive audience and shared much hilarity as Tom struggled to get his tongue round some German vocabulary in his carefully prepared (but probably not practised enough) announcements.

An encore was called for and given and a retiring collection raised a large sum of money for the old folk. Post-performance – we were taken to dinner with the guitar quartet “Snide”, teachers and guitar ensemble from the PCK who had performed as part of the concert. The Anglo-German alliance was cemented with much eating, good humour and quaffing of the various beverages for which that part of the world is justly famous.

Sunday morning and an excellent boat trip up the Rhine to enjoy the views of the vineyards, palaces and castles on the hills that rear up from the river banks. We disembarked to take a look at the tourist town of Rüdesheim and took a cable car up to the gigantic memorial that marks the defeat of France’s attempt to push her borders up to the banks of the Rhine and the subsequent formation of the German Republic.

I have been playing classical guitar with Tom for over 20 years, having been a member of the Hertfordshire Guitar Orchestra and now the Guitar Project. Tom can play bass, classical, and electric and is inclusive of all. It is great fun to be part of a group playing his arrangements of pieces from all genres.

– Kerry T

For enquiries about The Hertfordshire Guitar Orchestra or guitar lessons,
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